Here’s a quick Feng Shui tip to help you call in more prosperity:
Take some time today to clean out your purse and wallet!!!!
> remove old receipts and other items you don’t need to keep with you anymore
> notice if your purse or wallet are ready to be replaced – are they worn and tired looking? Ideally they should look/feel like a place of honor to carry your money in
> If you’re keeping the same wallet, consider wiping it down with a cloth covered in essential oils (sweet orange for abundance and/or rosemary for protection and cleansing)
> take your money out and count it being sure to love and appreciate what’s there no matter the amount
> stop by the bank and get some new crisp bills in the highest denomination you can to add into your wallet
> straighten up all of your cash and put it all back in your wallet so you see the biggest denominations first
> tuck a small packet of sea salt into your wallet near your money to help keep the energy of your money clean and clear
The biggest way to attract more money is to love and appreciate the money you do have!! You’ll attract more good fortune in your direction:)