This is one of the Feng Shui tips I get a lot of push-back on:
Set your desk up in THE COMMAND POSITION.
This means your back is against a solid wall, you are facing into the room with the desk in front of you, and you can easily see the entrance to the room (without being direct line with the door).
This arrangement puts you in the most beneficial flow of energy.  It helps your body relax and focus and it even helps you command more respect.
So why the resistance then???!!!
Sometimes the resistance is because of space constraints in the room.  It doesn’t always work with the layout of closets, windows, heating vents, or other things that need to fit in a shared space.  In those cases a plan B might be required.
But sometimes the resistance is deeper than that …
It’s more about how much space you believe you’re allowed to take up or how powerfully you’re allowed to show up in the work you do!  It can be a form of limiting yourself and/or sabotaging your success.  (Gulp!)
>>If you’re limiting the space you’re in, you’re also limiting your potential.
In Feng Shui, facing a wall is said to represent “hitting a brick wall” in life and business.  It limits how far you can see and the potential and options you think you have.
Leaving your back open the room puts you in an energetically vulnerable position.  Your central nervous system will be working overtime just making sure you’re safe.
This set up can be the unrecognized source of any anxiety, stress and exhaustion you feel each day.
A simple shift to the placement of your desk can alleviate all of it!
And its so much more than that.
Let me ask you …
>> If you thought it would help you focus and be more productive so you could work less and accomplish more …
>> If it would help you conserve energy so you have more to give to your family at the end of the day …
>> If it would help you feel more supported and confident in the work you do …
>> If it would help you be seen as more important and influential, by your colleagues and clients …
>> If you knew it would help you make more money with more ease …
… would you move your desk????
Don’t resist it, TRY it!
Put yourself in the power spot in your work space and you’ll notice an immediate difference.
You can decide if it’s worth a try without moving any furniture at all:  Just go stand with your back against the wall , facing into the room so you can see the door.  Try out a few different parts of the room if you need to.  See how much calmer you feel. See how much more supported you feel.  Notice if you feel stronger and more ‘in command’ ??!!
If you notice a difference, then try moving your desk.  You can always move it back if it doesn’t work out in the end!!
I can help you if you need it.  This is the last week that I’m offering Work Space Feng Shui Energy Audits for $88.  Send me message if you want the booking link.