Sometimes it feels like I say the same things over and over!  So I decided to compile a list of the most frequent tips and reminders that I share with clients and listeners.  These are the things I say on repeat every week.  Listen up, take notes!!

1,  MAKE CHANGES SLOWLY:  When you’re making Feng Shui changes, do it and then sit with it for a day or two.  Notice how it feels.  If it doesn’t feel better, change it again, or change it back.  I always caution that my clients move slowly, because you’re not just moving ‘stuff’, you’re shifting energy.  It can take time for things to settle before you know if it’s for the better.  And if you move too much at once, it will be hard to undo if it isn’t right.  Take your time!!

2.  NOTICE WHERE CLUTTER, DIRT AND DUST COLLECT.  This is a clue that energy is stuck.  And it can also be a sign that you have a block or limiting belief in the life area related to where the clutter is accumulating.  It’s showing up there as a physical manifestation of the inner ‘knot’ you have.  That’s some serious insight!  You can diagnose inner blocks by noticing where clutter is showing up in your home.  Pay attention to it and to any patterns that repeat.

3. USE YOUR FRONT DOOR!!  (Yes, the real front door that most people forget exists nowadays!). This is the source of energy for your home.  You want to invite energy towards it and encourage circulation in this area.  The best way to do that is to use it.  Make up a reason — let the dog out through the front, or purposely use that door to go get the mail.  It will stimulate the energy of your entire home and your entire life.  I promise it’s worth the extra effort!

4. STOP ENERGY LEAKS!!  Energy leaks and sneaks away via drains in your bathrooms and laundry rooms, and it will also be a drain on your relationships, your career, your wallet, and so on.  Pay attention to these spaces and put Feng Shui  corrections in place to slow down the energy loss and head off unnecessary distress.

5.  Set your bed and your desk up in THE COMMAND POSITION.  This arrangement puts you in the most beneficial flow of energy.  It helps your body relax and focus and it even helps you command more respect.  Put yourself in the power spot in these rooms and you’ll notice an immediate difference.

So there you have it!  Just paying attention to these 5 things will help you shift the energy of your home for the better!