Hey there!  I’ve been having a few conversations about money flow and there’s something I want you to know …

>>>If financial flow is inconsistent for you, then the energy flow around you is inconsistent too!! <<<

Remember — MONEY IS ENERGY — so if energy isn’t flowing, or it’s getting stuck or stagnant, or if it’s leaking away, then so is money.  

Is it a big stretch to consider that your homes and work spaces have direct correlation to money flow????  

Let me build a bridge for you…

Consider your office or work space for a minute: 

You’re there 5, 8, 12 hours a day??  It’s definitely influencing your personal energy (which absolutely affects your financial energy!)

>>Is the space functional, with all the tools of your trade handy, so it helps your work flow with ease —

>>Or is it clunky, slowing you down and making things harder through out your day??

>>Is the vibe of your work space energizing and inspiring so you’re able to step into the zone while you’re there

>>Or is it heavy and stuck, making you feel bored and the work you do feel stagnant??

>>Does your chair and desk support your body sufficiently, and encourage the position you hold and how you want to be seen by others?

>>Or does it make your body work harder, keep you feeling small and contribute to imposter syndrome?? 

>>Does your location within the room support and strengthen you?

>>Or does it leave you vulnerable, with your central nervous system over stimulated and your energy being overworked and drained by the end of the day??

>>Are you surrounded with inspiring items that energize and uplift you and keep you focused on your goals and potential while at work?

>>Or are piles of clutter physically impeding your work and energetically distracting your focus??

All of these things are effecting your focus, your performance, how you feel about yourself and the work that you do, how others perceive you and the work that you do, and it’s all definitely affecting how much money you make and how easily it flows in!!!

There are simple changes you can make to your work area that subtly but powerfully shift the energy that you’re in, and also how energized and focused you feel.  When you show up fully, with clarity and confidence and vitality, you’ll attract a consistent money flow.  There is no doubt about that!

Go give some love to your work space.  And if you want me to help you optimize your work space and balance the energy there, I’m offering a special $88(!) Work Space Energy Audit.  Send me a message if you’re interested.