I know its the busiest time of the year, and the last thing you want is more things to check off your to-do list, but today I’m going to share a list of things I’m making time for. 

This list is all about taking time to re-align your personal energy, and the energy of your home as you welcome in the New Year and a fresh start.  

I can assure you that I’ll be completing this list.  Even if it means crossing off all the other perceived important tasks and engagements I have during the busy holidays. 

I’m committed to making it happen because I’ve skipped it in the past, (too busy to look up and take a breath!), and I’ve paid for it for all of the rest of the next year — feeling tired, unfocused and disconnected and disorganized right out of the gate.  

I’ve learned my lesson now.  And I tone down the ‘to-do’ list in my head and (sometimes force myself!) to step back and do the energy alignment instead.  

It’s powerful. It helps me to connect with myself and the energies around me. It helps me to get aligned and set the tone for the way I want to show up for the rest of the year.  

You don’t need to carve out a ton of time for these items. Plan for a slow morning – maybe two – before the New Year (or right after) to all of it.  The most important part — don’t think of the following things as heavy to-do’s or more chores — think of them as a show of appreciation for all that you have.  

Keep it light.  Keep it fun.  Make it a soul-filling activity, not something you beat yourself up about!  I promise the time you put into this will be highly impactful on your year ahead.

  1. First take a few moments to get quiet and reflect.  I like to grab a notebook and spend 20 minutes dumping everything onto paper.  Write down the highlights, the wins, the mis-steps and the regrets.  Get it all out!
  2. Go around your house and gather any Feng Shui cures that you have had in place already.  Bring them all to a central location and clean them/clear their energy.  
  3. Do a (quick) but intentional decluttering of your whole space. You can do this quickly – give yourself 3-5 minutes in each room and grab the things that are obvious and easy to decide are not heading into 2022 with you. 
  4. Do a devotional deep clean.  Ok I’m not good at deep cleaning, but I love to use a high vibe, chemical free cleaner to wipe down all the places that typically get ignored the rest of the year – especially the front door;)
  5. Do an energy clearing — open the doors and windows to let some fresh air in, break up old energies using a bell, a drum or clapping your hands, and then smudge the space with sage or palo Santo. 
  6. Set intentions for your home for the coming year.  I like to speak them out loud in each room and then use reiki to seal them in but you can create your own ritual for this part
  7. Reset (or replace if you choose) the Feng Shui cures.  You may decide some of the old cures aren’t working anymore or no longer resonate.  Let those go and replace them if you are called. 
  8. Invite in what you want.   Okay this part might seem silly but it’s really powerful.  At the start of the New Year open up your front door and imagine you’re welcoming in all the things your wanting for 2022.  You’ve created space, now welcome it in! 

I’ve proven to myself time and again that there is power to these rituals and to doing the energy shifts.  

When I take the time to slow down and take these intentional steps that show care and appreciation for my space, I am always rewarded.  

It helps me to step into the New Year with calm, clarity and ease that propels me and my business forward with less true effort.

Maybe this will encourage you to scratch your to-do list and all the ‘busy’ that’s been spinning in your head!  Make time for the steps above instead, or create your own rituals that allow you to realign and connect with the natural forces around you.  You’ll be glad you did!

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Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it!

Happy Feng Shui-ing,