Do’s and Don’ts for Your Wealth Corner??!!

If you’ve been following along with this Wealth corner activation series then you know how to find your wealth corner and what to do if you’re missing a wealth corner in your home.

So now let’s summarize some Wealth/Abundance Area Do’s and Don’ts!

I’m going to make this short and sweet (because Thanksgiving prep and all;)

But first, these are just suggestions, not rules!

… but if you consider that the energy of the wealth corner is all about multiplying and magnifying, it’s will be pretty obvious why I’m suggesting them and strongly suggesting you make some changes in your wealth corner if you’ve got any of this going on:

Suggested DOs for the wealth corner:

  • Add things that feel rich and abundant to you.  For me that’s big bowls of fruit, vases of flowers, and art (not the stuff you find at home goods!)
  • Use money, affirmations, crystals, candles, music, movement to raise the vibe of this corner and call energy there!
  • Add symbols that represent growth and expansion – healthy plants are my favorite for this!
  • Add the wood element – this is the ruling element for the Abundance area so it adds energy
  • Add the water element – flowing water is symbolic of flowing money – add a fountain, fish tank or even beautiful images of flowing water
  • Mirrors are tricky cures, but they can work great in the wealth corner to exponentially double the energies of that space. I like to put a mirror down on the table with money on top of it:).

Suggested DON’Ts for the wealth corner

  • Don’t ignore this area!!
  • Don’t let clutter, dust or messes accumulate there
  • Avoid placing things in this corner that you DON’T want more of — it’s not a great place to store bills, legal documents, laundry, trash, medicine, or broken and neglected items
  • Don’t give up on Feng Shui if you realize you’re missing the wealth corner or it’s falling in a yucky spot (like a bathroom).  I’ve given you lots of tips about what to do instead!  If you’re still stuck, be sure to join me in December for the Wealth Corner Activation Challenge – we’ll walk through how to make up for that stuff.
  • Avoid mirrors that are reflecting negative things or lonely spaces:)

The gist is that you want to be mindful about what’s going on in the wealth corner.  Being conscious and deliberate about the things you place in the wealth corner allows you to set the tone that calls in a new level of abundance.

Happy Feng Shui-ing and Happy Thanksgiving!