Mirrors …
The previous owners of this home left a pretty mid century style mirror behind, but I haven’t hung it anywhere yet …
It was previously hung in the master bedroom, reflecting the bed … which is a pretty common practice, but not great Feng Shui!
Because of Feng Shui and energy flow I’m really intentional about where, how and why mirrors are placed.
Mirrors are more than aesthetics in Feng Shui – they are a powerful cure that can help you magnify more of what you want or cause you to reflect it away!
> They’re often used to energetically double the things you want more of
>They can also be used to reflect and send energies in a different direction.
>Or even to expand a space/make a wall disappear…
I see people hang mirrors for decorative reasons, not realizing the ways they can detrimentally affect
– how people feel in the space
– how easily vital energy and prosperity flow to you/your business.
Watch out for mirrors that are:
– hung too close to entrances and reflecting energies back out and away from the people and businesses that need it
– doubling the energy of things you don’t want more of
– placed in a way that they activate the energies (causing unsettled sleep or anxiousness at work)
– unintentionally reflecting a stagnant space and magnifying lower energies
One of the biggest mistakes I see people make with mirrors and Feng Shui is to use a mirror to ‘reflect away someone with negative energy’. When this is done wrong it actually magnifies the problem! There are better cures for this without the risk of making it worse.
Just last week I helped one client come up with a better plan than mirrors for controling some negative energies and suggested another client remove a HUGE mirror that was working against her and her business. These changes will shift things dramatically for both.
Eventually, I’ll figure out the best placement for our mirror too!