Ooh!  I’ve been LOVING connecting with ambitious women to talk about their challenges with money flow as I get prepared for my new (and free!) Aligning Your Home with Abundance webinar (find out how to get notified when it’s ready below).

During many of these conversations I’m hearing lots of hesitations come up about using Feng Shui and I think It’s important to address some of them.  So let’s go:

Good Feng Shui does not mean you have to completely declutter your house

Clutter is definitely a physical block to chi flow so it gets a bad wrap!  But that doesn’t mean you have to live a clutter free lifestyle for Feng Shui to work for you.  

Even releasing or moving a few things around will shift the way that energy flows and can open up a whole new level of potential for you. You’re home will instantly feel better and flow better and that will help you feel and flow better!  

From that newly aligned place you have the potential to attract completely different things into your realm.  

Don’t believe me?  Try it!  Go find 3, 5, 7, or 25 things to release today and notice the difference in how it all feels.  

Good Feng Shui does not mean you have to have (or will have) a picture perfect house

Yep, I’m speaking from immense experience with this here:). My home is not magazine ready but it feels good, it flows good and it supports our family and lifestyle in a very important way.  

Feng Shui is less about aesthetics and more about energy and vibe.  It’s a feeling more than a look!

Raise the vibe and no one will even notice the mess and dust (or care as much!). You gotta trust me on this one.  

Good Feng Shui does not mean you need to move all your furniture around and/or knock down walls to make it right 

I think this one comes from compass-based schools of Feng Shui that suggest that your front door, the head of your bed, your desk, and even your stove need to face in specific directions.  

This can be all worked out if you’re building a home with Feng Shui in mind but it’s hard to adjust for after the fact.  

The good news is, there are other schools of thought on Feng Shui that offer more flexibility and there are also other secondary cures that can be put in place to support you even if the ideal situation can’t be arranged.  

I can honestly say that I’ve never suggested a door be moved or a wall come down and I always have several options for furniture placement with a solid explanation for each option.  

Placement is important because it can put you in the best flow of beneficial energies but we can use other techniques to support you as well. 

Good Feng Shui does not mean you need to have Feng Shui cures, enhancements or fixes in every corner of every room!  

I have lots of Feng Shui cures in place – crystals, fountains, wind chimes and plants are some of my favorites.  I think for the most part these items just look like regular decor elements and many people wouldn’t even know the energy and intention behind them.  

You don’t need to fill your home with symbols and objects that don’t resonate with you to make Feng Shui work.  90% of it is intention anyway.  

I can show you how to arrange your general decor items in a way that directs the energy where it needs to flow – no special tokens, tchotchkes, statues, ribbons or the like required!  

We can make Feng Shui work for you and fit in with your design style!  

Are you curious about Feng Shui and how it can help you but also have similar objections or hesitations?  Send me a message and we can talk it out to see how it can work for you.  

**I only have two spaces available for 1:1 sessions this summer so reach out soon if you want to get on my calendar.

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Happy Feng Shui-ing,