Is it time to dust off those Feng Shui cures you have in place?  The short answer is YES!

One challenge with all the DIY Feng Shui resources out there (including mine) is that they can mislead you to think that Feng Shui is a one and done thing:

>Clear this clutter

>Move this that way

>Put this cure in this corner

Okay you’ve Feng Shui’d … now just sit back and wait for the better life full of luck and ease to show up!

But that’s not AT ALL how it works.  

We are evolving beings and our goals and dreams change quite often …

Life is dynamic and the cards we’re dealt are always shifting…

So that means your surroundings, the energy around you, and any cures you’ve put in place will need to change too.

If you’ve put some Feng Shui into practice on your own…

Or if you’ve had professional help to Feng Shui your space…

You need to keep checking in:

>with your goals and intentions

>with your current life situation

>with how things are feeling

>with the cures you’ve put in place already

>with whether your surroundings are still supporting it all for you

And you need to change things up – regularly

>> Don’t wait until life feels stuck and stagnant

>> Don’t wait until there are challenges and blocks showing up

If you’ve got Feng Shui cures in place it’s time to switch them up

At a minimum go check them all out, dust them off, show them some appreciation

At a maximum reassess your intentions, take everything down and consider what to put back into place. 

How often is it needed?

I am biased and I consider Feng Shui a lifestyle that you should be tuning into daily and changing as soon as it feels off or something new needs to be called in

But in general, I recommend a quick check on your Feng Shui monthly – use the new moon or full moon as a reminder

And give it a good solid refresh each season – the solstices and equinox’s are a good time to flag this action – or do it as you decorate for upcoming holidays.  

Absolutely give it another full look once a year.  In fact, many schools of Feng Shui have annual cures that NEED to be moved or removed at the start of a new year.  

The stars are moving…

The seasons are changing…

Energy is shifting…

Make sure your surroundings are evolving too!

If you’ve worked with me or another Feng Shui professional in the past, consider this a strong invitation to reach back out to set up a Feng Shui refresh.  

And if you’ve been Feng Shui-ing on your own and are ready to get more serious, let’s chat about how I can help.

Either way, don’t neglect what you have in place!

Happy Feng Shui-ing,