Is MONEY a loaded topic for you?

>It’s just a currency

>It’s just a transaction

>It’s just energy!!

But it becomes much more than that when you add emotional weight into it:

>Money is hard

>Money is tight

>Money isn’t consistent

>Money is bad

Or create a whole story around you and money:

>I’m not good with numbers

>I’m not consistent at bringing in money

>I don’t have enough money

>I’m not responsible with money

How many of the conversations you have in your head each day are centered around money or the lack of it?!  

It’s exhausting … 

But it’s just a mindset thing, right?

>Change your thoughts around money …

>Disrupt the pattens and beliefs you hold within …

>And you can change how easily money flows to you!

It sounds good in theory but it’s really not that simple.

Because we also replicate all those inner impressions outside of us.

The world we’ve created around us is built upon those inner limits.

So if you’re doing all the mindset work around money…

But you’re not shifting the energy around you too…

You’re missing a big part of the puzzle piece and it’s going to be hard to move past the money blocks and challenges you have.

If you want to truly shift your energy around money, you need to shift your surroundings too:

  1. Clear energies that hold you in those old patterns
  2. Rearrange things to support your new mindset
  3. Enhance your space to direct energy in a whole new way

Imagine the financial freedom that comes just from letting go of evidence of money worries from your space!

Imaging looking around and be reminded of your potential instead of your history of lack!

Imagine feeling a whole new frequency that supports your new and improved relationship with money!

Team that up with some money mindset practices and now you’re really on your way to aligning with a totally different money energy.  

PS. Check out this recent Feng Shui Friday Chat about Money Flow. So much good insight!

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