Last week this multi-tasking mama enjoyed 4 days and nights of much needed alone time!  

I read, listened to, watched and ate what I wanted – when I wanted it!

In between naps, baths, sitting poolside and walks on the beach I was amazingly productive:

– 3 articles submitted

– paperwork organized

– 3 modules of a course completed and implemented 

– 4 upcoming blog posts written

– new VIP package mapped out 

– new client welcomed

– lots of creative ideas spun (new webinar coming soooooon!)

I got more done in 4 days than I usually do in 4 weeks!!  

There’s something to be said for stepping out of the usual space and energy every once in a while!  

Even if travel isn’t in your wheelhouse right now, I highly recommend scheduling in a break and a change of scenery:

>>block a couple of hours out in your calendar

>>gather something you’d love to eat, read, watch or do

>>head to a nearby park, or your back yard, or a different room in the house

>>work on what you brought … or don’t!  

Trust that giving yourself this time and space will make room for exactly what needs to be.  

I came back feeling relaxed and totally chill because I got to do what feeds my soul and get myself ahead of the game:)