Is it just me???
I’ve been feeling totally out of sync for a few days!!!
I can feel myself scrambling and that’s not my usual state.
Time feels off for me.
I feel (just slightly) out of alignment with ease and flow.
Like I just can’t catch up with the rest of the world …
It’s probably not noticeable to anyone else …
But it’s still unsettling. (Actually quite unpleasant!)
I’ve been sitting with the feeling and trying to time out when to jump back in to the flow.
It feels like trying to jump back onto a moving merry-go-round.
So far I’m missing the mark.
But I took some of my own Feng Shui advice this morning and reset all my clocks.
The time on each of them was just a bit off from the next one.
I’m hoping that was the real problem right there!!
If you’re feeling out of sync too, try this! It almost always helps.
You can go a step further by adding a clock that makes the “tick-tock” sound … or even one with a swinging pendulum …
It’s a subtle but powerful way to add some rhythm back into life …
I’m so-so ready for that!!
Happy Feng Shuiing,