Let’s do something different today!

How about a peak inside my house to take a look at some of my favorite Feng Shui cures:).

I tend to choose cures that blend in well with the rest of the decor.  These items may appear typical but they’re secretly infused with heart-felt intentions and placed very strategically to positively raise the vibe and call energy to the places I want it.


Moving clockwise from the top left in each photo:

My fountain is definitely one of my favorite things!  It’s deliberately placed on a table in my front entry to encourage energy to flow into the house and to enhance the Fulfilling Work area of the bagua map!

I have crystal grids created in discrete places through out the house, each with a different intention of what it’s energizing or protecting.

I love faceted crystals and have many in my house.  This is by far my favorite one – it’s made by one of my daughters. The photo doesn’t do it justice!  It usually hangs on the back sliding glass door to slow down the chi from rushing out.

My energy clearing tools are a big part of me and my Feng Shui practice.  You’ll always find them in a spot of honor in my work space.

I’ve got a couple of salt lamps in the house.  I love the warm light they give off at night and I think they are a great fire element enhancement.

We don’t have a ton of wall space for art, but the artwork we do have on display are all pieces that have deep meaning to us and usually a story behind it.  This is one of 3 and again, the photo doesn’t do it justice:(

Doesn’t this plant look SO happy?!  It raises the vibe easy!  It’s so healthy, and grows new off-shoots like crazy.  Right now it’s in the Abundance area of one of my rooms, representing growth and expansion of my finances:).

I’m big on word art!  You’ll find it in just about every room.  This piece is hung in the bathroom which is the Character and Recognition area of the house.  It’s a daily reminder that I’ve got what it takes to share my gifts with the world.

There’s so much more I could share, including crystals, candles, flowers, mirrors and so on.  But I think that’s enough for now!

This is definitely the highlight reel of our house.  Trust me there’s piles of clutter and messes mixed in with these chi enhancers.  It’s all about balance, and giving yourself and the chi focal points that encourage the vibe and flow you want in the space.

Thanks for coming along on my abbreviated tour!

Happy Feng Shui-ing,


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