Today I’m offering you a gentle reminder that your surroundings are talking to you all the time … and sometimes that message isn’t very positive or supportive.  And here’s the clincher, on an unconscious level, you might actually be setting up your space so it undermines you to a degree.

One of the ways this can happen is by keeping evidence of failures all around you.  That sounds harsh, but read on, and then take a look around and see if you’re holding onto things that contribute to a self-fulfilling prophecy that keeps you feeling inept or unworthy.

Here’s some ways I’ve seen it manifest with clients, and some of my personal examples too:

Holding onto reminders from failed businesses or relationships

I worked with one client that had kept all of the journals from her failed marriage. They were stored under her bed for years after her marriage ended!  She was sleeping on a constant subtle reminder of how unloved and unworthy the whole situation had made her feel.  Even if she was internally ready to move past it and create something new, she was still swimming in the energetic patterns of that unstable time.  Having these journals as a reminder likely influenced her health and happiness but also her ability to move on to a more rewarding relationship.

Surrounding yourself with projects that you never finished

I have another client who kept a whole filing drawer full of business ideas that had never been birthed, She also had lists of articles, books and other resources that she thought she should read and reference, but had never found the time (or a real need for).  Those files sat there, taking up space and making her feel like she was inferior because she couldn’t keep on top of these details for her business.  It was a physical block that stopped up her creative flow, and drained her energetic bandwidth so she couldn’t access things in her business that had true potential.

Creating symbols of an unreasonable to-do list

I have a few clients that acknowledge a large stack of books on their nightstand, that loudly “complain” about not being read yet.  The books may seem inanimate but they truly take on a consciousness that can be defeating. The books can end up symbolizing the lack of time you’re committing to yourself and doing something you love, or they’re a signal that you’re not keeping up with life in general.  Either way it adds to a never-ending list of things to get done – and you see it as soon as you wake.  It’s amazing how quickly a few books can switch the message from casual reading enjoyment, to “I’m so behind”.

Even though I’m very aware of the ways my space is talking to me and reflecting important messages to me, I’m not always immune to this subtle form of energetic self-sabotage!  On one hand I can be really good at letting my evidence of failure go:

Years back, when we were struggling to get pregnant, I kept notes about my cycle, sleep patterns, supplements, resources for fertility, doctors notes, and all the physical evidence of medicines, needles, test results and more.  Being surrounded by it all kept me feeling powerless, and in a constant state of wondering if I would ever get it right.  Literally days after my second daughter was born, I let it all go, and felt an immediate shift back into my power.

On the flip side, I’ve got a digital photo project and a quilt project that I started long ago for each of my daughters.  I haven’t touched any of it in years.  Do you know what I quietly hear when I look at those unfinished projects?  It’s usually some combination of “you’re a terrible mom” and “you’re so unorganized”.

I’m not ready to declare defeat over these projects yet, but I do take the time to acknowledge these critical thoughts so they don’t end up permeating the rest of life.

Sometimes the evidence and clues around your home is the exact thing you need to notice, so you can identify critical or limiting beliefs, and let the true healing to begin.  And often the energy can be transmuted despite the presence of the physical items or taking any action with them.

Take a walk around your home and work space. What do you have hanging around that oozes with the energy of unfinished business, missed opportunities, or past failures?  Be especially wary of items related to financial flops, bad decisions, or other heavy life events.  It may be worth a closer look, to see if you can open up room for healing.  Whether you just do the healing, or let it go entirely, you’ll feel a lightness and expansion in your space and yourself.

If you want to eliminate all the hidden energies that are undermining you from your home, I’m here to help.  Let’s schedule a chat to discuss the options.

Happy Feng Shui-ing,

– Kerri