I wrapped up last week on a high note by facilitating the last Using Your Home as a Vision Board for Manifesting webinar!

During the session I joked that everyone would probably run off and make changes to their wealth corner after listening in … because who doesn’t want to invite more money flow in?!  But I also cautioned that wealth cures might not work for everyone, and we had some good side conversations about during the q&a portion.

If you’ve got cures in place but they don’t seem to be helping, the real block in flow is likely somewhere else. Sometimes you have to go deep and see where the block or limiting belief is within yourself. This will help you get to the real heart of the matter and determine where to focus in your house.  

It’s easy to use Wealth cures as an example – if you’ve shown your wealth corner lots of love but money still isn’t flowing, the problem is probably someplace else.

> Perhaps money isn’t flowing because you have a hard time finding or receiving support when it’s offered.

> Or maybe money is blocked because you’re afraid of being judged so you don’t fully put yourself out there.

> Or you might have some family and ancestral paradigms around money that are influencing your current financial circumstances.    

None of these things are about money itself, but they certainly influence how easily money will flow for you.  And I guarantee there’s a corresponding energetic block in the part of your house related to the limiting belief you have – in the Support, Recognition, Roots, or another area depending on your situation – and it’s starving off the financial flow you desire.  

That’s why it’s so important to pay attention to what’s going on in your whole home!  But the real challenge is, that it’s hard to admit or identify these blocks when you’re in the middle of it.  They’re blind spots!  

I’m not saying you can’t do your own Feng Shui, in fact I encourage you to play with it.  That’s why I give so many free general tips and inspiration.  But that may not be enough in all cases. If you’ve had a chronic issue going on that’s not improving, you’ll definitely benefit from expert help. 

When I’m invited in to do a Feng Shui assessment, it’s not just about looking at floor plans, furniture arrangement and decor.  It’s about asking the right questions, listening to what’s really being said, trusting any intuitive guidance that comes, and noticing how it all comes together to point to the real block snd the right cure. 

If any of this sounds familiar to you, and you suspect you’ve been shooting in the dark when DIYing your Feng Shui, I’m here to help!!  If you’re ready, I’d love the chance to work with you and help you release the blocks that are holding you back, just schedule a chat with me to find out more.  If you’re not ready, it’s okay. I’ll still be here supporting you with helpful and accessible resources.  

Happy Feng Shui-ing,