Did you know that there are architectural features in your home that can energetically undermine you?

These features can alter energy flow so it unsettles you, holds you back, or throws you off your game.

It may not be you, your lack of ability, your lack of clarity, or your lack of energy that’s keeping you stuck where you are … but your surroundings instead!

Let me divert for a minute and express how strongly I believe that women could (and should!) rule the world!

And how deeply I think that the world would be a better place *because of women and their gifts.

But first, we women need to get out of our own damn way!!

By that, I mean we need to stop thinking things like:  “I don’t have what it takes”,  “I don’t even know what to do”, and “even if I did know, who would listen to me anyway??!!:

We make up lots of reasons for not stepping up … we’re too tired, there’s already too much on our plate, we haven’t studied enough yet …

But the truth is, those are just excuses, holding us back from our true power and potential.

I really wish I could  shake every woman, and tell her she has the potential for big things … and that getting there can be easy, if you just set yourself up on the receiving end of beneficial flow.


Yes.  Beneficial flow:  On the receiving end of good chi.

This is the kind of energy that lifts you up, inspires you, opens doors for you, lines up support for you, and helps you stand in your power.

You have that.  Right here.  Right now.  All around you.

If you’re not feeling it, it’s because you haven’t tapped into it, or you need to adjust yourself or your space so you’re in better harmony with it.

This is where those architectural features I mentioned come into play, because they may be messing with that beneficial flow and your ability to be in it.

Here’s a few examples of features in your home or work space that could be compromising your confidence and ability (to rule the world!!)

1.) Long hallways ….

Hallways cause energy to bottleneck and speed up.

If you spend time in a room at the end of a long hallway, you’re likely being bombarded by harsh, unseen energies.

Or, if you spend time in a room to the side of a long hallway, vital chi could be rushing right by as it heads down the hall, pulling some of your personal vitality and potential away with it.

Adjusting how energy flows down a hallway – so it supports you better – isn’t hard, and it can substantially alter how you feel when you’re in the space and ultimately give your more stamina and sure footing to show up better for all parts of life.

2.) Cathedral ceilings and skylights …

The natural tendency of vital energies around us is to seek freedom – up and away!

If you’re spending time in a large room with high ceilings,  or sitting under skylights  or with large windows at your back, you may feel flighty, foggy or unable to focus.

Anchoring and containing the energy so it sticks around, and nourishes you and the space, will help keep your thoughts, ideas, energy, and personal chi from dissipating.

You’ll feel more grounded, focused, and clear about your next steps (to ruling the world!).

3.) Split entries or multiple choice entrances …

Homes or businesses with split entries, where you can choose to go up or down, or multiple choice entrances can cause uncertainty – both for the energy that’s flowing in and for anyone who is entering.

This confused and indecisive energy can radiate and influence your ability to make clear decisions, understand the next right step, or trust your abilities.

Energy likes a clear direction.

Deliberately directing how and where you want the energy to flow will alleviate much of the unsettled energy.

You’ll feel more clarity and will be able to proceed forward more confidently in all parts of your life and work.

The next time you feel stuck, unsettled, doubtful or unclear about your next steps, take a look around you.

Notice the things in your space that could be contributing to all those wobbly feelings.

And play with it all, to see if you can harness or redirect the energies around you so they are better supporting you and your potential (to rule the world!!).

I talked about the situations above and a few more in last weeks FSF chat, and we discussed some ideas on how to correct for some of them.  You can listen to it here.

Happy Feng Shui-ing,


P.S.  If you’re personally struggling with unsupportive energies,  there are several ways I can help you when you’re ready:

  1. Sign up for the free Feng Shui webinar that I’m facilitating this Friday, February 12th at 10am.  You’ll definitely see your home in a whole new way after listening in!
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