Over the last few weeks I’ve been connecting with other female business owners to do some market research for something new I’m creating. I put a simple call-out to talk with WIB who felt blocked, and several women raised their hand.
I left the definition of “blocked” ambiguous on purpose , but secretly, I expected to hear that everyone was blocked financially in some way. Like: “money just isn’t flowing at all” or “money comes in but it flows out even faster” or “money is not my friend”. And I was ready for that because Feng Shui has easy cures for each of these!
Yes, the topic of money and finances came up in each conversation, but as I listened I realized there was a different common thread that influenced more than money flow. Sure, a money cure would certainly help them, but it wouldn’t really get to the heart of the matter.
Their real blocks revolved around CONFIDENCE:
“Most days, I feel like an imposter!”
“I’m afraid of being judged by others.”
“I’m scared to put myself out there.”
“Is what I do even worthy of being paid for?”
“I don’t feel confident in my voice or my offerings.”
“I feel invisible, despite all my efforts.”
Yup! Been there! I could resonate with everything they said. It’s all come up for me too … in school, in parenting, in relationships, and in my work.
And every time I think I’ve overcome the confidence blows, it all roars up again at the first sign of unknown territory … ugh! In business circles I’ve heard this called “new level, new devil”. It’s the perfect description!
For me, that new level, new devil always includes switching things up in my surroundings. Because I know how my environment contributes to keeping me feeling small, feeling unworthy, and knocking me off my game. I’m always on the lookout for:
✨Unsettled energies that keep me feeling wobbly
✨Possessions that are charged with memories of my past insecurities
✨“Judges” that are watching over me with a critical eye
✨Unfinished projects that act as evidence of my failures
✨Start – Stop energies that mess with my creative flow
Because I’m putting myself out there, and really have a dream to impact others with my work, I’m consistently using Feng Shui to give me the edge. I know all the super sneaky places to change up when I need a confidence boost, or want to be seen in a positive way:
✨My bedroom
✨My work space
✨My closet
✨The “Fame and Recognition” area of my house
New levels are still hard, but down deep I know it’s just a matter of re-alignment. When I can’t find self-assurance within, I go create it around me first. It works, and it’s just one of the reasons Feng Shui is such a brilliant tool…
I have found these conversations with other women in business so inspiring! These women are brilliant! They are beautiful! And each of them has an amazing gift to share with the world. We’re all losing out if they’re not stepping out!

Over the coming weeks, here and on social media, I’ll be sharing more about each area of influence above … and I’ll be sharing small, easy and strategic changes you can make around you to help you shine confidently in any part of life.I know it will make a difference for anyone that’s tuning in.If you’d like to follow along,

If you’d like a sneak peek of what’s coming, listen in to last week’s Feng Shui Friday chat on Facebook, where I talked about the topic of confidence.You’ll even get to hear all about my major “evidence of failure” lurking in my storage room.

Happy Feng Shui-ing!