This morning I did 11 minutes of  yoga … And no kidding, I feel like a whole new person.  

I restarted my long-lost yoga practice at the beginning of the new year … purely by accident.  

We had rearranged our (small!) living room to fit the Christmas tree, and decided to keep the new layout after the tree came down.  

The new arrangement is tight in one spot because of an extra wide coffee table but it opens up both ends of the room and makes it feel expansive overall.

It feels so spacious that I moved my neglected basket of yoga stuff in to fill one of the corners … 

And then realized I actually have room there to DO yoga too!   

Now every morning, while the girls are getting ready for school, I have the time and space to do at least a few yoga poses.

Hip-opening poses have always been my comfort zone … But for months I’ve noticed my jaw clenching constantly and decided to see if I could ease it up.    

I picked an 11 minute shoulder-opening yoga video … 

And in that time I can breathe more deeply … my brain feels more clear and awake than ever … my neck and jaw feel much better … and I swear my face looked 5 years less-stressed for a bit too!  

Now I’m hooked … on doing some yoga every day … on switching up my poses beyond my comfort zone … and I’m sooo happy I’ve created space to do something I love regularly.  

Changing your environment really can change your life!  

So I have two questions for you:

First, what can you change in your space to make room for something you need more of in your life?  

✨Sometimes creating tightness in one area in order to open up another area is just what’s needed.

✨Is there something taking up space ‘just in case’ that you can set aside to open up room for what you want now…

✨Can you move the extra chair, or reclaim the rarely used spare bedroom or the dining room that only get action when company comes?

I bet if you look closely you can create some space for you and your needs.

Second, what can you add in for 11 minutes a day that will make you better for it?

✨Maybe you can add it in without moving anything at all;)