The other morning I was listening to a Mindset coach who said that a good mindset helps to ‘tip the scale in your favor’ in life.

I sat up as soon as I heard it. It resonated in terms of mindset, but it also hit home completely in terms of Feng Shui.

THATS IT!!! Good Feng Shui helps to TIP THINGS IN YOUR FAVOR in all the parts of your life.

I think I could come up with twenty different ways that Feng Shui helps to give you the edge, but here’s four for now;)

Good Feng Shui helps you feel better

Let’s face it, when your surroundings feel good you feel good.   Whether you’re aware of it or not, your body is interacting with your surroundings on subtle levels all the time.

When you’ve taken the time to be deliberate with your space, removing things that feel heavy and setting yourself up in the positive flow of energy you will feel better – more rested, calmer happier, confident – you name it!  And all of that helps you show up better for whatever is on your plate.

Does that give you an edge?  I absolutely think so.

Good Feng Shui means things flow better

When you’ve taken the time to arrange your space with good Feng Shui and good energy flow in mind, everything will be easier.

You’ll have fewer days waking up late, banging your shin on the coffee table, searching for your missing keys, or missing your appointments – All things that can throw you off your game in a big or small way.

It may take some time to create a good home for your things and put a system in place that flows with your life but once it’s done it will usher in immense ease and flow for you.

In my video I shared how I was working on too many projects at once this week   – all spread out on my work space – and then I couldn’t find something I needed for a meeting.  Just a silly missing piece of paper caused lots of fluster and frustration.  My self talk in those few minutes was not nice!  Talk about stepping out of the flow;)

Good Feng Shui helps you send a consistent message

Good Feng Shui also means that your surroundings are in alignment with who you are and what you want.

We’ve all had that day where you wake up and just can’t bring it.  Those kind of days when it’s easy to get distracted and forget your “why” for whatever you need to do.

But if your surroundings are set up to support you and help you show up the way you want to, you’ll just have to look around to remember and get inspired again.

When your home and workspace are set up to keep you on track, it’s easy to jump back on when you get derailed for a bit.

Good Feng Shui helps you be seen in a better light

Simply by being deliberate about where you set yourself up – which side of the table you’re on, which corner of the couch you gravitate too, which seat you choose in a meeting room – you can feel more confident, have more influence too and garner more respect.

It’s all a matter of harnessing the energy around you and it can substantially shift your perception and focus as well as help to shine more light on you and your efforts (effortlessly!), just but using the energy in your favor. It’s a subtle power play!

I know without a doubt that Feng Shui can help tip the scale in your favor.  Ease and flow can win out every day over bumps and struggle with just a few simple but subtle shifts to your surroundings.  Helping people tap into this edge is what I love doing and I hope this post has you thinking about how you can give yourself a boost using your surroundings.

Happy Feng Shui-ing,