Remember how I said I was easing into 2021?  I’m easing in so slowly that I haven’t even created a vision board for the coming year yet.  Making a vision board is something I do almost every year, and truthfully, it’s become a part of my Feng Shui practice.  

I’ve spoken about how my home has become a 3-d vision board and will be running my “Using Your Home as a Vision Board” again in the coming weeks (watch for details) … But aside from that,  I still love making the 2-d poster board version of a vision board for the year. 

In last week’s Feng Shui Friday chat on Facebook,  I talked about how I combine the two practices to make an extra powerful vision board.   You can watch the replay here.  (Click the link, and the video will be on the event page.)

It makes perfect sense to combine Feng Shui and vision boarding!  Here’s why:

Feng Shui naturally lays out all the parts of life to consider on your board

Before bringing Feng Shui into the consideration, my vision boards would often be narrowly focused.  I wanted more prosperity … or I wanted to start a family … and my board would mostly reflect those limited topics.  Now, with Feng Shui, I’m reminded to consider all the areas of my life (9 according to Feng Shui) and make sure I’m always working to round them all out. 

Feng Shui gives you a powerful energy map that you can use for manifesting

I love breaking up my vision board into the 9 areas just like a bagua map.  The back left corner is all about abundance and prosperity, the back right is all about my relationships, front center is all images and quotes that inspire my work.  You don’t have to do it this way, of course, but I think it adds another layer of manifesting potential to it

You can use Feng Shui to help you locate a powerful spot in your home for your vision board

Perhaps yours will sit in the support area of your home, calling energy and synchronicities towards it to make it happen. Maybe it will sit in the Recognition area, calling energy towards all the things you’ll be known for. Again, this is something you could skip, but I always trust that taking the time to be extra deliberate is another way to put energy into it and call more support in your direction

Use Feng Shui to call energy towards the vision you have 

Place Feng Shui enhancements on or near your vision board.  Energy flows where attention goes, so call attention towards your board.   I like to place crystals on or in front of my board.  And don’t just let it all collect dust!  Take time to intentionally focus on your vision board daily … I like to ring a bell and light a candle as I’m doing so to enhance and attract even more energy to it.  

Using Feng Shui is a powerful way to magnify the potential of your vision for the future!  If you haven’t ever made a vision board, give it a try!  If you’re still planning to make a vision board for 2021, I hope you’ll consider adding a Feng Shui flair to it to make it more potent.  If you’re already done creating your vision board, use some of these tips for placement and activation to really supercharge it’s potential.  

I hope this post and the video will inspire you. 

Happy Feng Shui-ing,